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Thesis on groundwater pollution in india

thesis on groundwater pollution in india

remains a "mere statement of intent." Responsibility for managing water issues is fragmented among a dozen different ministries and. Effective sewage treatment processes should be put in place. Go organic: Organic agriculture uses far fewer chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Washington (DC National Geographic Society Fast Facts - Sanitation World Health Organization (2012) a b "Status of Sewage Treatment in India" (PDF). Organic matter edit In 2010 the water quality monitoring found almost all rivers with high levels of BOD (a measure of pollution with organic matter). If people end up drinking this water, they might suffer from diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. This means that one or more substances have built up in water to the extent of causing problems to people, animals and plants.

thesis on groundwater pollution in india

Water pollution means any substance that makes water dirty. Usually, dirty here means unfit for use.

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The link for the article: Water Pollution: Major Types of Water Pollution. Oil spills: Accidental oil spills have a devastating effect on seas. Heated water from power plants: Some power plants release the heated water into water bodies. When we all work together, we can achieve great things. A lot number of NGOs, pressure groups, eco-clubs, as well as citizens' movements, have been active in their task to clean the river. The environment, economic growth and development of Bangladesh are all highly influenced by water - its regional and seasonal availability, and the quality of surface and groundwater.

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