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Sonia sotomayor princeton thesis

sonia sotomayor princeton thesis

00:48:44 nina totenberg: But whats it like to lose a lot? 00:02:51 Im Alice Winkler. My nephews are talking to the president about soccer, and I'm standing there, anticipating this big announcement, thinking, "This is just not real. 00:39:45 sonia sotomayor: First pitch at Yankee Stadium. As I watched everyone calling out to Mercedes, which was my grandmothers name, I understood people cared about her. I was working seven days a week and really had given up any personal life, but I also understand that thats not the right way to live ones life. 00:51:28 We can work very, very hard at things and come up short, but I take comfort from having dreamt the dream, from having taken the steps, the quest to undergo the quest of trying to reach them. 00:28:31 And what he was doing, helping people by trying to prove that his clients, in particular, were innocent of the crimes that they committed, seemed like a pretty worthwhile endeavor to me life endeavor but what I liked about it was that he was.

00:09:55 I take that with a great deal of pride and absolutely no sense of humility about. Oh my, gosh, yes. So for six months, he periodically would look up and say, "Sonia, did you get the application?" And Id say, "David, I told you, its useless." I went away for a holiday over Christmas of that 36th year of my life, and I came back. They're going to waive them. 00:39:16 president obama: After completing this exhaustive process, I've decided to nominate an inspiring woman who I believe will make a great justice, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Academically, Sotomayor also faced a gap. Their long legs pushed them further from me or ahead of me and at a certain point, I whispered, "Please slow down." 00:38:50 And they heard me, and they both turned around at exactly the same time, and both of them smiled at me, and. She would have dinner prepared for us, and she would go back into her room and cry all night. 00:41:59 nina totenberg: Who was your catcher?

The Education of, sonia, sotomayor

sonia sotomayor princeton thesis

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