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Essay on purpose of life in islamic

essay on purpose of life in islamic

for? In the Holy Quran, Allah the Supreme Lord says: all affairs shall be settled by consultation. However, they differed about the essence of this Creator, how to worship Him and the description of the life after death. He chose to draw up a historically specific constitution based on the eternal and transcendent principles revealed to him and sought the consent of all who would be affected by its implementation. Am I free and unrestrained, or do I walk in chains? Then animals and humans would starve. The answers to this question can be classified in four main categories: 1) That he can know his Creator as He has described Himself 2) That he can know the purpose of life on this earth and what is expected of every person during this. He also tells us in the Quran that all the people of other religions have deviated from the original teachings of their prophets. However, one cannot extend it to other people of the society unless the state demands that. In the selection of Imam, Allah has given clear democratic principles.

Islam, guide: What is the, purpose of, life?

essay on purpose of life in islamic

The animals, they serve as our food and source of life. If the patient feels pain, the doctor is happy, because it indicates that the burns are superficial and the pain receptors are intact. How did I come? Why can you hear, see, smell, talk and think? According to the preaching of Islam, it is the first and the foremost duty of a Muslim to establish Islamic state and implement Islamic law within their close vicinity. And: Then do they not reflect upon the Quran, or are there locks upon their hearts?

This state is projected neither exclusively as a tool of political supervision nor for the execution of the democratic decisions of the people; it is rather to place elevated standards at the disposal of the state to be used in the stately affairs. Outside of the purpose of life, I also believe that everyone and everything in the world can coexist. Muhammad was instructed by angel Gabriel where to place every new passage in the surahs. Those who believe in the Creator can answer the questions: where from?

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