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Discrimination prejudice essay

discrimination prejudice essay

it is necessary for us to find the solution by studying the precedent, to catch and correct ourselves so thesis statement s we can live in harmony and peace with others. Thus, an individuals degree of tolerance or intolerance is at first usually a reflection of the culture and of socialisation, here intergroup relations are strained and unequal, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour will robably exist. In group.?out group. Learnt Behaviour : As the psychologist Gordon Allport has pointed out both prejudice and discrimination an learnt. As in the definition above, prejudice is some preconceived notion about an individual, a group, or a race that demonstrate some sort of judgment upon them.

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Because these forces are universally present in our daily lives, the way we use them or reject them will determine how they affect. The Authoritarian Personality : Psychologists have attempted to determine whether certain types of people are more likely to be prejudiced than others. He deeply believes that the discrimination of slavery and racism are the moral and social evils. But of we want to end the racism, we need to stop transmitting this way of thinking to the next generations. The main function of a stereotype is to justify or rationalise ones conduct in relation to that category.

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