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Improved quality of care healthcare patient essay

improved quality of care healthcare patient essay

by NHS professionals that it is normal for a patient to wait to be seen: this indirectly disrespects the status and clinical need of the patient, suggesting that their time is less valuable than the healthcare professionals time (Leape. This is because good health is a combination of mental, physical and social well-being (WHO, 1946). In the second chapter, we carry out some of the testable implications of the theoretical finding from the first chapter. Multi-disciplinary working is essential for a large organisation like the NHS, who aim to provide healthcare for everyone regardless of what health and well-being support or treatment is needed by the patient (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, 2010). Besides, there are many private organizations that have developed quality and value initiatives to address public concerns regarding the quality of healthcare and nursing practices, including the National Business Group on Health, Americas Health Insurance Plans, and the Ambulatory Care Quality Alliance, National Committee. These advertisements are not for online or television use only: they are often displayed or given in physical environments where patients and practitioners are present, hence making the delivery of patient care more interesting and more effective in tackling negative habits such as smoking. Healthcare professionals can further promote the NHS culture as positive by using social media to engage with a larger public audience and also to connect with other healthcare professionals by increasing their participation in discussions on healthcare knowledge and alternative techniques (Cooper and Craig, 2013). In this essay the phrase positive NHS culture has two definitions: 1) its internal organisational structure and the working environments of staff 2) the public and patients perception and experiences of the NHS as service users. (2014) Improvement of chemotherapy practice and quality of care. In addition to this, trusting and respectful relationships can be created between professionals, who can then apply successful multi-disciplinary working to make the quality of care sufficient to meet service demands yet of a high personalised standard for each patient.

NHS Culture and the Quality of Patient Care - UK Essays

improved quality of care healthcare patient essay

It can be argued that this critical approach by one clinician can ensure the diagnosis of a patient is correct; however as the UK has a high standard in its medical education progammes, the knowledge of another clinician should be respected. This is because when professionals are respected and their skills are valued, they feel a sense of autonomy and purpose (West et al, 2011). Oppositely, within an organisation where there is a lack of respect and trust, the service of the quality being delivered can become compromised. Furthermore, due to the NHS being a healthcare provider it is expected by society to have a high standard service, yet the demands on the staff to provide this service is often forgotten (Griffin, 2014). (2011) NHS Staff management and health service quality: results from the NHS staff survey and related data. Vref1 titleNHS Culture and the Quality of Patient Care m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. The principles it was originally developed upon ensured the service was provided free to meet everyones clinical need (NHS, 2013). (2010) An employers guide to creating an inclusive workplace. The extent of influence that the media has on its audience, and their thoughts and beliefs on specific topics, depend on a variety of factors; hence one single theory cannot sum up the impact of media. "NHS Culture and the Quality of Patient Care." All Answers Ltd. Cooper, A and Craig,. For example, the BBC reported that over 40 of NHS investigations are not carried out adequately (BBC, 2015).

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