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is). According to those theories, Christianity is founded on myth, and the person that Christians refer to as Jesus of Nazareth is a fictional re-writing of any one of or perhaps a mixture of saviour hero figures from various other ancient religions. And by historical, we naturally mean outside of the Bible. Their belief makes them biased. But enough about my own bemusement. Because they believe this Jesus stuff, so their perspective is skewed. In order to get online, nothing has to pass peer review. Imagine that you responded by giving this person five what is the meaning of critical thinking written accounts of people who claimed to have been there at the time. Thanks to the internet, a number of people believe this. As for the factual inaccuracy of the claim about the silence of ancient sources, there are two options: 1) Hire me to write full time, or 2) wait until next time, when Ill look at some of these sources that, we are told, dont exist.

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Would any historian find this acceptable? Suppose that someone claimed theres no evidence none at all from early America that there even was a George Washington who crossed the river Delaware in the eighteenth century. This story is one of them, leaping like a virus from one message board to another, from one blog to the next. Why outside the Bible? And why does that make them biased? But the internet is another story. Burn Notice, b/Burn Notice - 2008.07.31 21: "Burn Notice" "Burn Notice", ' ' ' : 24 ( m/24 ), ( ). The claim is so clearly false that its not just incorrect. You see, these people are believers in Washingtons Delaware crossing. Would you find that acceptable? Ive commented at length on such creative revisionism before and may do so again, but wont be doing so today. I have two basic things to say, concerning two things: Firstly the methodology that is employed when trying to substantiate the claim, and then secondly the factual dependability of the claim.