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Tocqueville's essay on american government and religion

tocqueville's essay on american government and religion

and mostly saw this as a positive. But that the republican is a good form of government, that it is natural to human societies, those are things no one seems to doubt, priests, magistrates, merchants, artisans. I don't know exactly what meaning you attach to that word. That the majority may be mistaken once, no one denies; but they think that necessarily in the long run it will be right; that it is not only the sole judge of its interests, but also the surest and most infallible judge. In a powerful passage in Chapter 7, Tocqueville states, "Formerly tyranny used the clumsy weapons of chains and hangmen; nowadays even despotism, though it seemed to have nothing to learn, has been perfected by civilization.

New England, the basin of the Mississippi begin to be filled with them. Democracy in America was a highly ambitious one. Here I lose myself in conjecture and no longer see the way marked. Fortunately, however, Tocqueville does recognize the existence of institutions which can help to preserve liberty even in the midst of these despotic tendencies. The project Tocqueville undertook in writing. Above all, Tocqueville has a passionate love for liberty and is concerned to point out the dangerous trends that threaten to destroy it as well as the means by which it can be preserved. Here, doubt begins for.